Virgin Soil Upturned


Virgin Soil Upturned Simple living and high thinking, which are feasible while living in the country, are the ideals that the people who have realized the need for spiritual progress are striving for.  How does one establish an agricultural community? What is the essence of high thinking? [...]

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Mokshada Ekadasi


Mokshada Ekadasi The Ancient History of Mokshada Ekadasi from Brahmanda Purana: Yudhishthira Maharaj said, "O Vishnu, master of all, O delight of the three worlds, O Lord of the entire Universe, O creator of the world, O oldest personality, O best of all beings, I offer my most respectful obeisances [...]

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Russian cheesecake bites in carob coating


Russian cheesecake bites in carob coating Filling (for about 20 bites): 150 gram butter 250 gram sugar 900 gram dry farmer’s cheese (tvorog) 1.5 gram vanillin Coating: 150 gram butter 75 gram sugar powder 150 gram carob You will need: Ramekin or mold for freezing your bits [...]

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From the book Memories


From the book Memories Badrinarayan das Goswami: Prabhupada was sitting on the lawn in New Vrindavan when some simple neighbour, who had heard that Prabhupada was there, came in his pickup truck. He walked up to Srila Prabhupada and said, “Got something for you, Swami,” and plopped a [...]

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Mother Cow


Papankusha Ekadashi Yudhishthira Maharaj said, Oh Madhusudana, what is the name of the Ekadasii that comes during the light fortnight of the month of Ashvina (September - October)? Please be merciful and disclose this truth to me." - The Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna replied, [...]

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The Bull


The Bull When we talk about cow protection, of course, that means protection of calves and bulls, too. And unlike the image of the mother cow, which is more or less clear to us, that of the bulls is the depth of an ocean which we [...]

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A word on self-sufficiency


A word on self-sufficiency By: HG Samba Prabhu, a teacher at Bhaktivedanta Academy I was thinking about the Amish and how many of their order, especially the old order Amish have been practicing 'social distancing' their entire lives. They refer to non-Amish as 'The English' they discourage any [...]

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Mother Cow


Mother Cow The Seventh Mother of Humanity The holy scriptures say that each of us has seven mothers. Our birthmother, a nursing mother, wives of our master, a brahman, head of state, as well as mother Earth and the cow. For a mother there is nothing [...]

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Why is it different now?


Why is it different now? Krishna created Vedic culture – it projects the reality of the spiritual world’s bhava onto the “reflection” of the material world. So it is not merely a coincidence that taking care of cows in Vedic culture is the center of economic wealth, [...]

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So, what then is my name to you?


So, what then is my name to you? Many people have asked us the following question: is it appropriate to give the cows the names of God (for example, to name them Krishna, Govinda, Ajita, etc.)?Since the word 'das' or 'devidasi' after the names is [...]

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