Russian cheesecake bites in carob coating

Russian cheesecake bites in carob coating Filling (for about 20 bites): 150 gram butter 250 gram sugar 900 gram dry farmer’s cheese (tvorog) 1.5 gram vanillin Coating: [...]

From the book Memories

From the book Memories Badrinarayan das Goswami: Prabhupada was sitting on the lawn in New Vrindavan when some simple neighbour, who had heard that Prabhupada was there, came [...]

Mother Cow

Papankusha Ekadashi Yudhishthira Maharaj said, Oh Madhusudana, what is the name of the Ekadasii that comes during the light fortnight of the month of Ashvina (September [...]

The Bull

The Bull When we talk about cow protection, of course, that means protection of calves and bulls, too. And unlike the image of the mother cow, [...]

A word on self-sufficiency

A word on self-sufficiency By: HG Samba Prabhu, a teacher at Bhaktivedanta Academy I was thinking about the Amish and how many of their order, especially the old [...]

Mother Cow

Mother Cow The Seventh Mother of Humanity The holy scriptures say that each of us has seven mothers. Our birthmother, a nursing mother, wives of our [...]

  • Donate for Cows – Donate for cows or Go|seva to cows is understood to bring auspiciousness and wealth into one’s life.

Why is it different now?

Why is it different now? Krishna created Vedic culture – it projects the reality of the spiritual world’s bhava onto the “reflection” of the material world. So [...]

So, what then is my name to you?

So, what then is my name to you? Many people have asked us the following question: is it appropriate to give the cows the names [...]

How to build the connection with the cow?

How to build a connection with cows The innate nature of sattva in a cow is restored proportionally to the decrease of the atmosphere of [...]